Teal Partners develops software solutions, from idea to business case, from construction to support. Their style isn’t build and go, so when they found a great new office location to support their growth, they looked for a partner who does business in the same way. They ended up at Captif.

In co-creation, the old, redeveloped industrial building was arranged over 2 floors. The height of the warehouse is maximized by a new, elevated central core that serves as a meeting complex and that also dynamically divides the large space.

On the top floor, with adjoining terraces, a multipurpose working café was chosen that serves all day, as a coffee moment in between, or as a place for that one-on-one, to company presentations and of course as a lunch room. Throughout the project, the mix of old and new elements creates a pleasant working environment for Teal Partners employees.

ClientTEAL PARTNERSServices900m² / concept / design & build / project management & coordinationYear2023Linkwww.tealpartners.com

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