CAPTIF exists 4 year!

Our story that started with a team of 3 quickly became one of 4, 5, 6, …
After 4 fantastic years -and the accompanying after-work drinks- we welcomed our 12th colleague this year.
We are proud to let you take a look through the years of CAPTIF.


Well-thought-out office interior design aims at the present and the future. This is only logical, because in a well-designed office, your employees give the best of themselves, right through their careers. CAPTIF helps you to translate the New Way of Working into your office interior, incorporate it into your office furniture and implement it in your overall office design.


Any good, targeted new design—especially an office design—has to begin with a thorough analysis. Which is why CAPTIF asks questions when we set to work on your office interior design: What does a typical workday include for your employees? Where do they think, work and hold meetings? Who needs an office of their own and who works in an open space? Every detail is important in our well-thought-out design process.


How do we know what you need? We have the benefit of years of experience. Where you see an empty space, we see potential. A vision we translate into 3D renderings and illustrations. So you’ll see exactly what we see: realms of possibilities.

We were created to create.

CAPTIF: that’s enthusiastic office-design experts.
Working from our HQ in Antwerp, we combine forces to offer you everything you’re looking for in your office design:
passion, knowledge and a good dose of practicality.

And now it's your turn.

Would you like to know what a tailored office design offers you? It's time to get to know CAPTIF.

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