From the initial design draft to the moment you walk into your new office for the first time: CAPTIF offers you solutions for every step in the process. With clear communication and clear budget management. Without any nasty surprises at the end of the process. Before you know it, you’ll have a brand new, well-designed office that puts you on the road to professional success.

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Workplace study (WPS)

A thorough analysis is the starting point for a successful office design project. No idea how to start on one? No problem. CAPTIF guides you on the path to your own workplace strategy. Before we put pen to paper—or load our office-design software—we begin asking questions. A lot of questions. How many employees are there at your office? Do they all need a workplace of their own or do they often work from home? How do your teams work with each other? Who needs a desk of their own, and who is happy and flexible working in an open plan office or following the New Way of Working? Are there any demands set in stone for your office design? Is there anything that’s not a must, but which would be nice to have?

It’s often the case that companies do not use their offices efficiently. Despite the fact that efficient spaces lead to efficient work. And bring you to your professional goals much more quickly.

Workplace planning

Our interviews and analyses supply the information we need to draw up a macro plan. It doesn’t go into the finest details of your office design, but does mark out zones for different functions.

Why don’t we immediately decide who sits where? Space planning is based around a lot of important factors, not just the layout of the spaces. You even need to take the requirements of the building itself into consideration. CAPTIF builds on years of experience to present you with a long-term strategy. For this, we use modern solutions to save space and optimise every square metre. For today, and for the years of company evolution that lie ahead.

At this phase of your office design project, we use 2D illustrations and 3D models to show you our vision.

Cross the t’s and dot the i’s

After the first round of developing your office design, it’s time for us to colour in a few of the details. We make the concept as visual as possible for you with mood boards, 3D sketches and micro plans. You’ll see exactly where every desk and chair will find a home. What if you’re desperate to start thinking about which plant to put on your desk? Now’s the time!

CAPTIF knows exactly which elements make your office a motivating, inspirational place. With a design that embraces the DNA of your company and all the functional elements that you expect from a modern office.

At the end of this stage of the journey, there is a detailed office design implementation file ready for you. It’s exactly what you need when you go looking for a contractor. If coordinating contractors and ensuring they’re the right people for the job is not your cup of tea, feel free to give us the green light: we happily take care of the implementation for you.

New life for your old office

While your business grows, your office can keep pace. It’s not always necessary to start searching for a new location: maybe a new concept and design is all your office needs. CAPTIF analyses your current office, including the design and build of the office interior and even the office furniture, and looks for efficient, modern options that optimise the existing space. Maybe it’s time to start renegotiating your rental contract to have the renovations (partly) financed for you.

And if, with the help of our recommendations, you see office renovation as an option, CAPTIF will also help you call in any help needed to make sure the entire redesign runs smoothly. You’ll barely have to look up from your work at any point in your entire office update project.

Project management

What do you do if you’re not interested in coordinating contractors and carefully following the details of an office design plan to ensure even the slightest problem is responded to appropriately? You call on us, sit back and relax while CAPTIF does all the work. Thanks to a well-ordered (and highly detailed) plan, you’ll be able to see what we are doing at every step. You’ll see where every euro is going, which contractor is working on which day and what the following phase of your office design project or renovation involves. Following up, evaluating quality and guaranteeing timing is what we do. CAPTIF is your single point of contact throughout your entire office design project.

Design and build

CAPTIF loves to be all-inclusive. It’s a recipe in which we take you on a smooth ride from A to Z. Up to and including the point that the WiFi is connected and the projector is installed in your meeting room.

It’s handy, especially if you’re struggling with a tight deadline. This way of working is also very cost effective. The price we agree on at the start is the price you’ll see on your invoice at the end. And the invoice? There’s just the one. CAPTIF arranges everything else directly with the contractors. You just need to move into your office when all’s said and done, and we’ll even help you with that!

Assistance for moving office

We mark the day you need to move on our calendar and circle it twice. You can be sure your office will be ready for you on this date. But how do you install your entire business at a new location without wasting time or money or losing sleep?

By calling on CAPTIF to arrange your move. We keep an eye on the big picture for you. We make sure everyone knows what to do and when to do it. And nothing escapes our attention. You’ll soon have your chair at your brand-new desk, ready for you to enthusiastically immerse yourself in your work.

Office furniture

For the choice of your new office furniture, CAPTIF takes every important element into consideration: function, style, your budget, sustainability, and of course, finding an office-furniture design that suits your overall office design. We are only happy when you are able to relax in the knowledge that the furniture chosen meets all your demands.

Are you wondering whether your existing furniture is past its use-by date? CAPTIF is always happy to advise. In the design phase of your new office, we look at what furniture is reusable.

Support and follow-up

A completely worry-free trajectory? We’ll give it to you, with pleasure. Rely on our expertise at any time in your step towards a new office.

After your new office has been finished and is ready for use, we still stand by you to help in any way needed. You’ll be given all relevant documents and floorplans for your files. And if you have a question? Whether it’s a week or a year later, CAPTIF is at your service.