That’s what your office should say.

Because it represents you. It’s your business card. It’s the first impression you give your clients. Your employees do their best work and come up with their cleverest ideas there. It’s a place that deserves to stand out.

A CAPTIF-office design achieves all this. And more!

It’s unique, because we create an office design that reflects the DNA of your company. It results in an office that fits you like a tailored suit, developed with passion and designed with care.


Captif Office Architects

Office designaccording to CAPTIF

Workplace study

Are you making the most of your office space?

CAPTIF thoroughly examines your existing office design—or the plans for your new location. The result is a list of demands with everything you expect from your office—and maybe even things you didn’t know you needed.

New way of working

The New Way of Working recognises that not all your employees need a desk of their own. Although, that’s putting it simply.

The New Way of Working and Activity Based Work model can certainly help you save space and money. They’ll also change your relationship with your employees. Is your office representative of how you work with people and the way you attract young talent?


The creation of your new office demands attention. Wouldn’t you rather dedicate your time to your business? CAPTIF offers you the option of complete on-site project follow-up.

Trust in clear communication and respect for your budget. And, of course, an end-result that meets all your expectations.


Sustainability is a given at CAPTIF. In our eyes, it means more than showing a preference for environmentally friendly products. The benefits resulting from careful choices are enormous. And not just on your energy bill.

There are plenty of other examples. Because when you choose materials wisely, they will support you as long as you need them. And you’re still guaranteed to be able to recycle them at the end of their lifespan.

Let's get personal.

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