What would you think of a chameleon-like office that adapts itself to the needs of your employees? It sounds like a utopic dream, but ‘activity-based working’ is more realistic than you might think. Using this approach, you offer your employees a suitable workplace for each task.

The right workplace for each task

Activity-based working gives your people the opportunity to do their work as well as possible at any moment, in a workplace that is specifically intended for whatever task they are performing at the time. In other words: a place perfect for uninterrupted concentration, a space where they can spontaneously or formally work together, an environment that gives free reign to their creativity, and so forth. Ideal workplaces so your company can do what it does best.

Win-win situation

With activity-based working, your employees benefit from flexibility. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you completely do away with fixed workplaces. But you do give your employees the chance to adapt their work environments to the tasks they are pursuing at the time. This improves their productivity, creativity and even their health. ‘Sitting is the new smoking’: research shows that this claim is anything but exaggerated.

Introducing activity-based working

Does a switch to activity-based working mean a complete redesign of your office? Not necessarily. It already makes a small difference if you create an open space with a number of couches. They can serve as the setting for informal meetings or as an oasis of peace in a busy office landscape. This is how you can translate the trend into something accessible that is right for your office. We would be happy to look with you to find out what’s possible.