A new year equals a new opportunity to try out all the latest trends in the world of office design. We are focusing on five of them here. No short-lived fads, but trends which fit in perfectly with the way offices work today… and in the future.

1.    Relaxation

In the war for talent you can get one step ahead by looking out for the wellbeing of your colleagues. And that is reflected in the way offices look. Why not make room for a yoga session during your lunchbreak? Or create a quiet area for a power nap? This all gives employees to a better feeling in the workplace.

2.    Technology

“Alexa, order the coffee please.” Voice-activated assistants make life more efficient. So it’s no wonder that more and more people are making use of them in their private life. Also at work, new technology will increasingly prove its usefulness. Flexible employees need flexible technology: wireless connections, user-friendly tools so we can work together remotely, or something as simple as a socket in the right place to charge a laptop; all to increase efficiency and make office life simpler.

3.    Nature

This year too there is a growing trend for nature in the workplace. Another step further is ‘biophilic’ design. ‘Biophilia’ is the theory that people instinctively go in search of a connection with other living systems, which explains why people feel less stressed when there’s a plant in the vicinity. As a consequence designers are increasingly thinking about the role of daylight and organic forms in the office.

4.    Collaboration

Room to work together is not new. What is really surprising is the growing trend of not just encouraging collaboration within teams, but even with other firms. This approach comes from the start-up scene, where small firms often share the same office. Spontaneous encounters between colleagues often lead to interesting exchanges.

5.    Character

There’s no need for your office to be impersonal in 2019. It can simply have a bit of character and express your firm’s individuality. No neutral beige on the wall, but rather a bright colour that complements your logo. Raw textures and hand-made objects are also gaining in popularity. Just think of benches, floors or walls of scaffolding wood or a unique flowerpot, small changes which can make a big difference to the atmosphere.

What does 2019 look like in your office? You know better than anyone! In the meantime we are keeping our finger on the pulse and passing on advice about trends which can really work for you.