The fewer distractions in your office, the higher the productivity. Right? Office plants may be the exception to the rule. Research shows that plants have a direct influence on the well-being of office workers, as well as on their concentration and productivity. And those aren’t the only benefits.

Office plants for optimal concentration

Office plants have been linked to the well-being of your employees. You’ll immediately notice an improvement in performance. Researchers at Washington State University have, for example, established that office workers who have a view of plants are more productive and suffer less from stress. Even artificial plants or photos of natural landscapes have a positive effect.

Office climate

But don’t start choosing maintenance-friendly artificial plants for your office just yet: there’s more to take into account. Because real plants also have an immediate, measurable effect on air quality. Plants increase the degree of humidity in the air, something you’ll appreciate in an office where the air conditioning or heating detracts from the air quality. Vegetation also absorbs sound waves, and that leads to an improvement in the office acoustics.


What about taking care of your office plants? At first, this might look like a drawback: plants need regular watering. If no one takes care of them, your happy office plants will quickly turn a sad shade of deathly brown. But look at the task of plant care from a different perspective: it encourages team work. Employees will need to decide among themselves how to take care of the office plants. And walking around, watering can in hand, is a nice way to take a quick break.

If you ask us, plants are an unmissable part of a pleasant office environment. We are happy to show you how to smuggle some plants into your office.