These are unprecedented and unexplored times that no one was prepared for. Unexpectedly we woke up in a new world with many challenges, also in the workplace. At the moment we are all inundated with recommendations, news items and guidelines, but too often also with questionable commercial offers that want to contribute to the restart of your company.

Above all, don’t let your head run wild, is our advice. The regulations regarding an exit strategy are still changing almost daily, and before it is included in The Act on well-being of workers in the performance of their work and its implementing decisions, we are certainly a few months further. 

A wait-and-see attitude is of course not conducive either. You need to think about how to kickstart your business again. However, we believe that with a dose of common sense and some targeted publications you can go a long way in a restart, in which you can let employees work (as before) as safely as possible in the post-lockdown period with minimal building blocks.

That is why we would like to draw your attention to the publication “Travailler en sécurité”. This generic guide is the result of the cooperation of the social partners in the High Council for Prevention and Protection at work, the Economic Risk Management Group, the FPS WASO and the policy cell of the Minister of Work.

You can download it HERE, or o the website where you will also find additional information. The contents of this guide can be updated in function of the guidelines of the National Security Council and based on new scientific understanding and good practice.

How should we then proceed? You are committed to being back in business as soon as possible, and we follow the further developments regarding the new normal in the workplace, and how this can translate into a real future-proof working environment. You do not rush to renovate your office, after all, you can also contact us later for a long-term solution. Now we are happy to think about small, instant interventions with you.  Do not hesitate to discuss your Travailler en sécurité -approach with us.