Virtual Reality – or VR for short – quickly becomes an important visualization tool. Our interior architects design in 3D and with the right hardware and software the step to VR is very small. We are therefore happy to use this.

New insights

For a client, virtual reality is the ultimate addition to a static presentation, and it may offer new insights into their office design. Once a model is fully developed, the VR experience can even be applied in a broader context.

Intuitive tour

For example, we were asked by Athora to present the new office environment – the works of which still have to start – through virtual reality to their employees for the annual New Year’s event. A challenge and an opportunity that we did not miss. With VR glasses on their nose and the necessary explanation, around 100 employees experienced an intuitive tour of their new office.


Curious about how the Athora employees experienced the evening? You can follow this here in a short video.



Relocation plans and interested in bringing the experience to your own employees? We are happy to tell you how we would approach this. So let us hear from you.