Advertising Company

In the fall of 2019, a pitch was launched by an advertising company for the Design & Build assignment of their new offices.

Once again we had the opportunity to come up with a unique concept for an innovative design in the prestigious Gare Maritime building in Brussels. The challenge within this project was very clear from the start: “how can we create a dynamic environment where people can come together spontaneously (accidental encounters), but where they can also work undisturbed?” In response to this question, Captif’s interior architects came up with the idea of ​​applying the “Central Park” principle of New York in an office environment. Within this concept, the parallel structure of the city is broken centrally with the organic structure of a park. “Divide structure with chaos” became the slogan within this concept. The workplace environment was given a static, linear layout with a very clear circulation flow. This area was divided with an organic layout with different functions (work, meet, relax, etc.) in the center of the building, so that employees could always take a different path to go from point A to point B.

Despite the fact that the concept and design were received very well by the customer, Captif was unfortunately not selected for this project. Nevertheless, we still think this design is worth sharing on our website!

ClientAdvertising CompanyServicesPre-Sales / Design / Concept DevelopmentYear2019

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