We sit too much. This is why you hear, with increasing frequency, about the benefits of standing to work at a desk with longer legs. If you Google it, you’ll even see a gimmicky construction with a treadmill that allows you to combine work with a workout. That’s not an approach we recommend. But (regularly) standing to work? There is something to that.

Standing while working is healthy … on occasion

Office workers spend the majority of their time sitting down. And not just at work, but at home, at the breakfast table or on the couch, while commuting in the car or on the train. Spending so much time in this one posture is bad for your health. By sitting too much, you open the door to heart problems and increased body fat. The core of the issue? We move too little. And you won’t solve that by just standing up.

Desk with adjustable height

Simply standing up all day won’t make your employees any healthier. At best, they’ll become more exhausted. The key lies in creating a mix. Regularly moving is good for the back and blood flow, but also for concentration. A desk with adjustable height allows your employees to regularly change their position. In Denmark, it’s even obligatory; since 2015, every office worker has needed to have a desk at which they can either sit or stand to work.

Activity-based standing

A desk with adjustable height for everyone? It’s a big investment. But smaller actions also have a positive impact. A combination with activity-based working is not far away. For example, remove the chairs from one meeting room and replace the table with a taller one. Or place a standing table in the cafeteria for a standing coffee break. This way, you’ll give your employees the opportunity to regularly choose a different work post and a different posture.

Do you need advice on movement opportunities at work or activity-based working? You know where to find us.